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Armenian-British IT Initiatives aim on introducing the most prospective Armenian IT companies in Britain and establishing long-term business relationships between Armenian IT companies and British businesses. The concept was formed as a result of a successful cooperation between BSC Business Support Center and British Embassy Yerevan.

We constantly come up with different initiatives to connect British businesses with leading and the most promising Armenian IT companies creating trustworthy and long-term partnerships between companies from the two countries.

We have a hub of some brilliant Armenian IT companies covering IT solutions for virtually all industries which already have a successful international work experience.


Discover Armenia as a country of technology, innovations and top quality IT services and solutions.

Wondering Why Armenia?

Armenia is probably the biggest innovation powerhouse you’ve never heard of, which is why so many people are surprised by the results they achieve when they work with Armenians and Armenian companies. Nestled in snugly on Europe’s far eastern frontier and the far western end of the old Silk Road, Armenia for millennia has been at the crossroads of cultural trends, intellectual thought, groundbreaking research, and incredible inventions.

Surprising Engineering


Incredibly high educational standards have been a hallmark of Armenian culture for thousands of years. As the first nation to accept Christianity in 301 A.D., Armenians built a vast network of nearly 15,000 churches, monasteries, universities over the course of 1,700 years on a territory about the size of Maryland. During the Soviet Era, Armenia had the highest number of PhDs per capita in the entire Soviet Union. As well, this small country, with only ca. 1.5% of the total Soviet population, was responsible for over 30% of all military electronics R&D and production.

Today, though modern Armenia has struggled to emerge from its Soviet legacy, the innovative spirit remains alive and well. As a nation we’ve committed ourselves to becoming on of the world’s top 20 most-developed IT countries by 2020. If you or your company are needing help to massively accelerate your innovation pipeline, consider investing in or outsourcing to Armenia. You’ll come away utterly gobsmacked at what we’ll achieve for you.

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